Meet Scott

The entire Scott Childress’ adult work-life experience of forty-six years has been related to and involved with the Criminal Justice System in one form or another.
In 2005, he ran for and was elected as the Municipal Court Judge for the City of Alpharetta where he initiated various community-based alternative sentencing programs to assist minor offenders and wayward teens.

Scott believes in the Constitution and that we are a Nation of Laws. The City Council believes in their police officers who can do no wrong. He is no longer the Judge.
From the fall of 1983 to the present, winter 2016, He has been a sole practitioner Trial Attorney with emphasis in the Defense of people facing Criminal Charges, ranging from serious Felonies like: Burglary, Aggravated Stalking, Drug Possession and Distribution, to Violation of Probation Violations and Batteries to every type of Traffic Offense, Hit and Run, No License, DUI, Eluding, to Minor in Possession and Traffic Accidents.

Scott has traveled from the mountains to the coast helping people work through legal challenges….
For four years, from 1979 to 1983, he was a Trial Assistant District Attorney under longtime District Attorney Lewis R. Slaton. As an ADA, he was responsible for the handling of all types of Felony cases that were assigned to the Hon. Judge John S. Langford Jr.
While living in Roswell as an ADA Scott became involved in the community and was elected to the Roswell City Council for one term. He then ran for Mayor, facing longtime Roswell incumbent, ‘Pug’ Mabry. That didn’t turn out the way he had hoped…
For Two years, 1977-1979, Scott was a Principal ADA in the Fulton County Grand Jury, working directly under Mr. Slaton every week at the Grand Jury, responsible for evaluating and screening the cases brought to the DA’s office for action or non-action based on the merits of each case.
From 1971 to 1977, he was an Atlanta Police Officer and Sergeant, working everything from a downtown Foot Beat, to Driving a Paddy Wagon for prisoner-transport, to Driving a Patrol/Squad Car, to working Stakeouts to leading the Domestic Crisis Intervention Program for the City, to being a Community Relations Officer in downtown middle schools, to being assigned as a Key-Turn in the City Jail.
Scott originally entered the Woodrow Wilson College of Law, now Georgia State University, in 1974, to further his police and law enforcement career, but ‘politics’ intervened, leading him to the DA’s office after being admitted to the State Bar of Georgia.
Scott moved to Atlanta to be the Chief of its police department in 1971 from Southern California and Cal State Univ. Long Beach, where he majored in Criminology.
He is happily married to Gretchen and they have three great kids, mostly grown, and four grandchildren.
Scott lives in Alpharetta.