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Whether you’ve been charged with a misdemeanor or a felony, Scott N.G. Childress, Attorney at Law can help. Even if you don’t need legal representation, you can benefit from legal advice. A traffic violations attorney can explain all of your options and offer advice on the best course of action.

Don’t fight traffic violations alone. Call attorney Scott Childress based in Alpharetta, GA right away.

A local DUI attorney can help your case

If you’re caught drinking and driving in Georgia, you face harsh penalties. A first-time offense can result in the suspension of your license for a year. Don’t let the judge throw the book at you; call a reputable DUI attorney today. Scott N.G. Childress, Attorney at Law is well-versed with:


  • Fulton County DUI programs
  • Many of the local prosecutors
  • The area’s DUI judges



A single lapse in judgement shouldn’t dismantle your entire life. Call our law firm in Alpharetta now to speak with Scott about your DUI defense, traffic violations, probation or juvenile case.


Scott knows every side of the legal system

Scott Childress started his legal career in law enforcement. He began studying the law to become a better cop, and eventually became a lawyer. After he passed the bar exam, he worked as an assistant district attorney. He later served as a judge in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Today he has his own practice, helping those in danger of falling through the cracks. He is a traffic violations attorney and the only man in the state who has worked as a cop, a lawyer and a judge.

When you work with Scott, you’ll never have to deal with a middle man. All of his clients have direct access to him via phone or text. Call 404-610-2125 today to speak with an attorney who cares about your future. Scott is a DUI attorney who will give you straight advice and direction, no B.S., no scare tactics, just the truth.

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